Education at the Museum

To inspire and educate through regional collections and to promote the discovery and appreciation of the natural world.

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    Education at The Museum

    Grade specific field trips can be scheduled using the webform (below) or contacting us at 805-614-0806,

    Field trips are always free but teachers are encouraged to collect pennies for the Museum 1,000,000 Penny Project



    Adults, Children, Schools and Tours

    The Natural History Museum, Santa Maria began as an enrichment project for our Santa Maria elementary schools in the area of natural science.  The aim was to bring live animals to the classrooms and put students in touch with the natural world.  The project began with nature kits which included all the equipment and materials a teacher would need to complete 14 lessons on the topic.  Birds in Your Backyard curriculum and kit was the first and geared for 3rd graders. Wee Beasties featuring insects and We Dig Rocks and Fossils were the other two curriculums and kits designed and loaned.  These kits are currently under evaluation and renovation. In the meantime… Please contact the Museum for information about the easily adaptable Nature Journals (see “download” links, below) created for student/classrooms to be used in urban settings recording natural observations. Museum school tours will utilize Nature Journaling for many grade levels.

    Online Education Resources from the NAT

    Earth Day Nature Journals: designed for 4th grade but can be adaptable.  PDF can be printed or if you do not have a printer, please call the NAT and arrange to pick up your free Nature Journal. {Printing Instructions: Double-sided; flip on short edge.}

    Group Tours

    School & Group Tours are FREE Of Charge

    We only require an advance reservation of at least 48 hours. Please let us know about:

    • Class size and Grade level

    • Number of chaperones (we suggest one adult per 6 kids)

    • How much time your class has

    12 + 14 =